Weird Dreams

So after laying awake for a while, contemplating life, then writing, and then binge reading The Divorcette’s blog until like 4am, I had the CRAZIEST pseudo-nightmare! And I feel like if I don’t jot this thing down, I’m gonna lose it!

Also, I’m REALLY hoping someone out there can interpret this thing for me. So here goes:

So I’m running through the city, and Godzilla’s tearing through it (but I don’t know if it was actually Godzilla, but for some reason my mind registered the monster as Godzilla). And I’m freaking out because being IN a disaster is a MUCH different experience from watching a disaster film. Everyone around me is screaming and panicking, the ground is trembling from the impacts of the high-rise towers crumbling behind us–brick, large tiles, and pipes plummeting into the streets like rain. It was intense, and I suddenly got that “yeah, all of the problems in life you’ve been bitching about don’t mean SHIT now, huh?” feeling.

I remember, for one earlier portion, I was trying to get into some car with some people and looked up and saw Rodan swooping down in the overcast sky. And I mean, it was legit Rodan too, complete with his screeching roar, flying around and gettin’ dirty with some helicopters. 


So, for some reason, and despite the fact that this creature is out in the city knocking ENTIRE BUILDINGS OVER, I decided to seek refuge in some building. I think it was a mall or something. Maybe it was because of man’s natural “when shit gets too wild, go the fuck inside” instinct. And while inside this place, which may have actually been a hotel, now that I think about it, I came across a girl, about my age.

So here’s when the dream had a genre shift, and switched from “kaiju destruction” to “trapped in a place with a monster, Alien style”.

The girl started following me. 

I didn’t know her, and even thinking about it now, she didn’t seem to resemble anyone I know in my real life. And, as if this monster had always been about 9′ instead of somewhere in the ballpark of 600′-900′ tall, it came bursting in through he front door like a school bus driven by some guy who had a bad fight with his wife that morning and just couldnt stand the thought of driving these kids around anymore.

(He was also really, REALLY dunk). 

And, you know how we all like to think w’re special? And, like, we all want our time to shine, and to be in the spotlight? I mean, it’s cool, but in times like this, nobody wants to be the protagonist. This monster, which could have gone ANYWHERE, came after me. Or it was after the girl who started following me. I don’t fuckin’ know. But we ran while hearing this giant (but not excessively large) beast thundering behind us, charging at a pace that was threatening, but slow enough to stay behind us. And I think this monster might have been a different one from the monster outside (that was probably still destroying buildings), because at one point we had this exchange.

Her: We need to get up and away from this thing!

Me: We can’t, because if we go to the top, we’ll be trapped up there, no matter what happens!

Her: Then what do we do!?

I mean, I think that’s how it went down… I just remember being heavily genre savvy in the sense of knowing that in a situation when a giant monster is knocking buildings over and you have the bright idea to hide from it INSIDE ONE OF ITS TARGETS FOR DESTRUCTION, that you shouldn’t go too high in the building, because if the tower goes down, you have no possible way to escape it.

…Something like that. I know my shit, yo.

So we make our way up to the second floor while hearing this monster tearing the world apart on the first floor, like a drunk father who’s team just lost the game and he’d bet his best friends and like 5 other guys $50 each that his team would win. We’re trying not to go too high because we still need an opportunity to escape in case the monster outside attacks he building we’re in, but we still don’t want to be on the first floor with the monster downstairs. Maybe I just assumed it couldn’t go up stairs or something, I’m not entirely sure.

But at one point, the monster outside began attacking our building, and we heard it shaking and the monster roaring outside. So we made our way to an elevator shaft (which for some reason was out in the open and not, you know, in an actual shaft), and started climbing down. It was weird… so let me try to describe it. Imagine that, instead of the elevator shaft being a rectangular, walled space where the elevator box goes up and down, the walls are replaced by black nets that are snug so tight theyre pretty much hugging the elevator.

And at this time, I wasn’t thinking about the monster inside the building at all, until:

“Jump,” I heard her say.

And I was like “What?”

And she said “Jump! Jump down!”

And when I looked behind me to where she was looking, THAT FREAKING MONSTER HAD CLIMBED UP ONTO A SUPPORT BEAM BESIDE THE ELEVATOR AND WAS REACHING OUT TO GRAB ME! So I’m like “SHIT!” and me and the girl jumped down and ran out of the building.

Also, I remember explaining to her, on our way out, that this is the reason we don’t go to the tops of buildings in times like this. The best option is to go to the second floor until the monster inside the building goes up, and then we try to circle around it, go downstairs, and escape. I’ve never seen a movie that did this (both a giant monster outside and a smaller, but still big and violent monster inside). 

Oh, and Mothra in her larval state was outside the door, and the girl was like “OMG WE CAN’T GO OUT!”

But I was like “No, no, it’s cool, it’s Mothra!” ‘Cause Mothra’s my baby.

So when we got outside–well, when I got outside, because suddenly it’s like the girl i was with was never there–there were a bunch of cars lined up about to flee the city, and I was with Kelly Perine (anyone remember him?) and Kevin Hart pulled up in a green minivan. So we hopped in with him and that’s when I woke up.

So… yeah… don’t know what any of it meant, but… it was pretty cool. Sadly, not as cool written down as it was experiencing it. And I forgot a lot of parts too. But, yeah… if anyone can explain this to me, please do.

Also, I really am working on that comic, I promise! I’ve been spreading myself too thin between trying to master digital coloring while drawing other pages and writing a few chapters out! And reading hella Divorcette. Follow her. She’s totally my thing right now. D:


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